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Anonymous asked: hi! im sure someone has asked you this before, but how do you stay so positive? i always find myself slipping into a negative state of mind and i really want to work on myself. btw, i think you're so beautiful and i love your creativity :) i also don't sew but i watch your youtube videos because they make me happy!


It’s honestly largely part of my disposition lol! I only realized when I was around 18 and I had a horrible terrible negative life draining “friend” who was really negative and harmful to the people around them that not everyone thinks like this. But if you’re happy with yourself (not necessarily your life or where you are) it’s hard to not be positive all the time. I know that I’m special and important just like I know all of you are.

And like I said, I really resent that people act like “um okay Clifford the Big Red fucking Dog telling me I’m ‘special and important’ like.. we’re not 4” but when do you ever even think that throughout the day? Why do you think the adults that make Clifford and children’s shows feel like it’s important to tell kids that? Why am I the person revealing that to some 17, 18, 20, 24+ year olds? Why do people not know their thoughts and ideas and creativity and desires and fears are important literally just on the basis that they’re theirs…? People don’t think throughout the day “I matter” “my thoughts matter, my experiences matter” but they do. If you spend time thinking about that and being creative and expressing yourself  (in whatever way you do) you don’t even have time to shit on innocent people or yourself.

People don’t even know that when you stop being 4 years old, it still matters that you tried your best.. We get so cynical and act like we work on fucking Wall Street and if we’re not world famous or mega-rich for what we like, or everyone isn’t congratulating us for our accomplishments, they aren’t valuable. But when are we congratulating ourselves and why don’t we see that our feelings about ourselves and what we do are more important than anyone’s… lol..

There isn’t enough time in the day to recognize and share your importance. If you spend a day thinking just about yourself and why your uniqueness makes you valuable it’s like mentally unwinding tangled headphones.. you deconstruct your feelings about yourself and see yourself for who you really are, which isn’t “ugly” or “unimportant”, nor based on anything the people around you, your parents, media, societal standards of beauty or living think— but what you actually think about yourself.

I don’t have everything and I don’t always do everything I could, I try my best in that moment and what really can ya do? lol.

Try your best, believe in yourself, recognize your importance, help #earth by helping others. Encourage yourself and other people to do this so that they don’t even WANT to be negative because they’re too busy valuing themselves and helping lol. They don’t have time to be hateful for no reason.

(thank you so much for your #positivity and thanks for watching my youtube videos!)